What does the Ministry of Finance say about football betting licensees?

The Ministry of Finance has just spoken about the fact that enterprises are currently communicating and promoting as the first and only entity in the history that has been licensed by the Government for business to predict the results in football competition. kick and sport with prizes.

According to the Government’s Decree No. 06/2017 / ND-CP dated January 24, 2017, on betting on horse racing, greyhound racing and international soccer, betting is a prize-winning entertainment game for people. Place bets to make predictions about the outcome of sporting events, entertainment used for betting business.

According to this Decree, the Government only allows trading in 3 types of betting including horse racing; dog racing bet and pilot international football betting.

In addition, the Government only allows one enterprise to pilot international football betting business for 5 years. The Ministry of Finance shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the concerned ministries and branches in, organizing the bidding to select enterprises to pilot international football betting business to apply the provisions of the Bidding Law.

In the process of developing a plan to select enterprises that pilot international football betting business to have legal problems, the Ministry of Finance has reported to the competent authority on the amendment and supplement of regulations. Decree No. 06/2017 / ND-CP.

“So far, the Ministry of Finance has not organized a bidding to select enterprises to pilot international soccer betting business” – the Ministry of Finance stated.

For the business of betting on horse racing and greyhound racing, the Ministry of Finance is reviewing the dossier of the sports entertainment and entertainment joint-stock company requesting for the certificate of eligibility for betting on dog racing. . This is the case that the competent state management agency has allowed the dog racing business to attend the prize at Lam Son Stadium (Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province) before Decree No. 06 / 2017 / ND-CP takes effect.

The Ministry of Finance warns people and organizations to be cautious and alert to the promotional information of investors and enterprises involved in betting and sports betting business …

Minh Chien

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