Twilight tattoo in Czech? The epidemic has planted a hole, it’s about holm peit


Peruvian activities due to the coronavirus of the Tatras, piercers and providers of similar services were noticeably noticeable, even though they used the support and arranged a deferral. Some people are fighting for fear of the disease and the impact of coronavirus on people’s incomes.

According to piercer, modifier and operator of the Prague studio Hell Miloslav Mka, it is especially clear that the gates were sown a lot, but they are not accurate.

Mka, who is only the Association of Professional Tatras and Piercers, said that in addition to the people in the studios, a number of others tattooed on their own, at home or so black. According to him, they often worked down, they just did not offer the service. There I would predict a drop of 30 and 40 percent, so it did not go away, said the piercer.

The court says that the established studies are now appropriate, or the people will have them in the yard. However, he adds that this tattoo will be the first thing the people will forgive. According to his estimate, there are about a hundred studies in Prague, of which about 20 vtch. He says in two TKs that the studio has a term for the first week after the full opening.

Regarding the rent during the break, Mka stated that he had agreed to pay for it two months later. The hygienic studio did not take care of the studio, because it complied with two of them. Mka remarked that he newly introduced shifts so that employees would not meet, installed germicidal lamps and shared washable appliances in the stove.

Hol peit

Tom Milon from the Johnny The King studio in Holeovice talks about hygiene. We are one of the precarious jobs where people can drink. We disinfect everything, just put on the gags and go for a long time. Nothing in this regard, he said. During the break, he pointed out that although they had applied for compensation, there was a minimum left after paying the rent. Without a reserve, they would not be able to handle the situation.

We agreed on the shift of the lease and gave it to the MSc. Even then, you have to shake it sometimes, it’s dead money, said the Tatras. So no one knows how it will go dl. We have five days to give it to him and something we will be able to say, he said.

Markta Rousov from Vrovice Tattoo Mija said that she and the Tatras used support for OSV, it did not cover the bag or it. The studio thus began an outflow of orders ordered by clients. Give the people a second call, it wouldn’t be like two, she said. Rousov fears that the people at the tattoo house will not have pensions and the clientele will be discouraged in the future. She added that the studio with two and two observed dog hygiene.

Eva tdr, the owner of the Estetica studio, which provides permanent make-up, evaluated the spring as the crown. Let’s meet in the Slavonic House, so he, with a bow before them, forgave him, but we had to pay for services and forgive me 50 percent for May. But the clients still struggled and had few orders, she added.

The requirements of the ministry were unchanged, and two hygiene were complied with by the hygiene of the study, said the representatives of the study. Infringing services, ie tattoos, piercings and permanent make-up, can resume their activities after more than two months from Monday


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