Tourism recovered thanks to stimulus

Covid-19 in Vietnam “quiet” from the end of April, the travel units launched stimulus packages with safety criteria to restore tourism.

After students go to school, the restaurant opens and life becomes bustling again, which is when the economy in general and tourism in particular begin to recover.

Domestic tourism “soared” after the gap

As soon as the social separation order was lifted, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism called for “Vietnamese people to travel to Vietnam”. It can be said that the slogan has impacted on the psychology of Vietnamese tourists. Noted at Vietravel, at the beginning of May, the first day of reopening, there were about 100 guests registering for the tour and the number increased day by day. To date, about 1,200 visitors buy tours daily.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Truc Dao, Ho Chi Minh City, registered in Phu Quoc tour shared, “For many months now ‘confined’ by the epidemic, my whole family is very passionate. I want to go somewhere to change the wind so I register for the tour. for parents on 2 sides and 2 couples to Phu Quoc to play “. A group of 10 people from Tuan Anh travelers chose the package and room service of Mellisa 4 days 3 nights in Nha Trang.

UNESCO double world heritage site Trang An, Ninh Binh province. Photo: Shutterstock.

UNESCO double world heritage site Trang An, Ninh Binh province. Image: Shutterstock.

Travel stimulus policy

Many travel agencies cooperate with aviation partners, hotels, restaurants, and destinations to build domestic tourism products with a reduction of 50-60%. Typically, Vietravel has worked with Thua Thien Hue province and reduced up to 50% of all local services. Prices are reduced but quality is guaranteed, even better than before.

For example, the tour of Dak Nong – DamBri – Ho Ta Dung (2 days) was previously priced at 1.99 million VND, now only 999,000 VND. Tour Hanoi – Bai Dinh – Trang An – Ha Long – Yen Tu (4 days) cost 7.29 million now only 4.39 million. Room service at 5 * FLC Luxury Hotel – Quy Nhon costs only 695,000 VND per person per night …

Hoi An ranks the top 15 best tourist cities in the world according to Travel and Leisure. Photo: Shutterstock.

Hoi An ranks the top 15 best tourist cities in the world according to Travel and Leisure. Image: Shutterstock.

Ms. Thu Ha, Ho Chi Minh City, said “The previous Sapa tour costed over 6 million, now only about 3 million, down by more than half but the journey is still the same so I signed up” Not only service industries – Travel partners to discount travelers, financial institutions, banks also embarked with tourism businesses to support customers to receive more incentives. Specifically, Sacombank’s bank offers preferential interest payment of 0% interest rate; VNPay reduced by 5%, up to VND 100,000 when buying a tour … In addition, Vietravel launched the program of 5,000 motorbike and motorcycle insurance for customers when buying a tour from now until June 22.

Vietnam is very beautiful

This is the comment of Uncle Phu Quy when booking a tour of Da Nang – Hoi An – Hue – Thien Duong Cave. Uncle said, “I travel abroad many times, going to know that, but if compared, our country is much more beautiful than foreign countries.”

Paradise Island Phu Quoc – each return is a new experience for visitors. Watch the romantic sunset at Sunset Sanato Beach Club; admire the lyrical picture of Hon Thom; 5-star resort at Phu Quoc VinOasis, playing at Vinwonders or exploring Safari Zoo is the experience for visitors coming here.

Leaving the noisy town, back to the West, where there are lush orchards, green islet and deep sweet melody. Visitors will have the opportunity to take photos at the Mekong Studio (My Tho); Ut Trinh Homestay (Vinh Long); Con Chim ecological tourism area (Tra Vinh); Wind power fields in the afternoon sea (Bac Lieu) …

Along with the development of the tourism industry, the East turned with a new face. Coming to Tay Ninh, visitors will experience the cable car to the top of Ba Den Mountain, staying at Vinpearl Tay Ninh 5-star hotel. In addition, the destination of Vung Tau with the unique Upside Down House, Marina is a magical shooting spot that is popular with young people …

The longest suspension bridge in the world at Hon Thom, Phu Quoc. Photo: Shutterstock.

The longest suspension bridge in the world at Hon Thom, Phu Quoc. Image: Shutterstock.

Going to the plateau, visitors like “say” in the bustling gongs of the ethnic minorities, jars of aromatic and aromatic alcohol as sublimated with the land of the Central Highlands. Dak Nong is astonishingly beautiful with Ta Dung lake as “Ha Long Bay in Tay Nguyen”. Guests will enjoy lunch next to the infinity pool, eye-catching embrace the majestic natural scenery.

South Central coastal roads with Nha Trang, Ninh Chu – Vinh Hy, or the land of “yellow flowers – green grass” Phu Yen are inland destinations not to be missed. Discover UNESCO’s “Central Heritage Road,” which connects visitors to UNESCO’s tangible and intangible heritage.

Safe travel

To ensure safety, all business establishments comply with the criteria of the Ministry of Health. In particular, all Vietnamese people now know how to “prevent disease” in the new normal state set by the Government.

In the past, quality, promotion, and discount were the top priority, but safety is now the most important factor in product development and operation. All stages from booking tours, boarding cars, to attractions, entertainment, restaurants, accommodation … are a closed circle. The goal is to strictly control, ensure safety and bring peace of mind for customers, Ms. Nguyen Nguyet Van Khanh – Deputy Director of Marketing Department of Vietravel Company said.

In particular, the destinations in the program will go through areas not affected by the epidemic. Safety services are a system of restaurants, hotels, and transportation means that apply safety measures as recommended by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Ministry of Health. Safety staff are all personnel trained, equipped with knowledge of safety measures; Apply and propagate to visitors to make.

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