Thanh Hoa makes trillion dong, international airport will real estate market get hot again?

Recently, the Aviation Administration of Vietnam has just submitted to the Ministry of Transport for approval the adjustment document of the detailed planning of Tho Xuan International Airport in Thanh Hoa province until 2030, with orientation to 2050.

According to the report of the Department of Aviation of Vietnam, Tho Xuan Airport is planned to be an international airport and airport of grade 4E (according to standard code of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that can be exploited. B787-9, A350-900 and equivalent aircraft, Tho Xuan International Airport with a capacity of 5 million passengers / year and 25,000 tons of cargo / year.

The orientation period to 2050 will research and build synchronously civil aviation area only when there is demand in the northern area of ​​Tho Xuan International Airport. The total capacity of the Northern works is about 20 million passengers / year. The southern area will continue to be used and the service facilities will be calculated to gradually move to the northern region when the capacity needs to be increased to ensure the port’s development needs are met.

Along with Tho Xuan airport, the Prime Minister recently signed Decision No. 649 / QD – TTg approving the investment policy of the investment project to build the coastal road in Hoang Hoa – Sam Son and Quang Xuong sections. – Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa province in the form of PPP, BOT contract.

The project will invest in constructing 2 new sections with a total length of 29.5km, including 3 sections. Two sections of roads were constructed according to the standard of grade III, with a design speed of 80km / h and a width of 12m. The total investment capital of the Project is VND 3,400 billion, of which the central budget supports VND 1,400 billion (including 10% of the provisions according to law provisions); Thanh Hoa province budget 980 billion VND; Invested capital is VND 1,020 billion.

It is known that a series of large resort projects in Thanh Hoa will benefit when the coastal route of Hoang Hoa – Sam Son and Quang Xuong – Tinh Gia sections is completed and put into use, especially projects of many Big companies like Sungroup, Flamigo and a series of projects are about to start.

According to experts, the construction of the coastal route together with the planning to expand Tho Xuan airport, is creating a driving force for tourism development in Thanh Hoa province, attracting tourists as well as investors to the region. this land. In particular, most recently Nghi Son – a land with great potential for industrial real estate development will be officially upgraded to a town that is becoming a bright spot to attract FDI capital to this land.

Talking with us about the impact of big infrastructure projects on Thanh Hoa real estate market, Mr. Cao Minh Thang, director of a trading floor in Sam Son, said that the real estate market has great potential for tourism with a large number of tourists. than other tourist destinations but real estate prices in Thanh Hoa are still low. The real estate market in Thanh Hoa has started to grow in the past few years when many large real estate investors chose to develop this project.

“In 2019, there was a local fever phenomenon in some planning areas of the new administrative center of the city, Sam Son coastal land. However, in many coastal areas in Quang Xuong, Tinh Gia, Nghi Son … are still quite low, so the room for price increase is still quite high.Moreover, in 2020 when the coastal real estate market recovers, the real estate market here will continue to rise sharply. as strong as 2019. ”

Reportedly, in the last 2 years after FLC and Vingroup, many large real estate enterprises have started to flock to Thanh Hoa with super projects with scale up to thousands of hectares. Sungroup Group has recently officially announced a detailed plan with a ratio of 1/500 projects of eco-urban areas, entertainment, high-class resorts and sea tourism in Sam Son. With a larger scale of 1,260ha, Sungroup considers this an important strategic project in Thanh Hoa.

In addition, Flamingo Group has also proposed the idea of ​​planning Hai Hai tourist resort. This project covers an area of ​​1,350 hectares, including urban works, resorts, commercial areas, combined with safari theme park and entertainment.

In addition, ORG JSC is also coming up with detailed planning ideas of 1/500 scale of urban urban area in Quang Nham and Quang Thach communes. According to the idea, this tourist – urban area has the administrative boundary of the entire Quang Nham commune and a part of Quang Thach and Quang Loi communes (Quang Xuong district) today. With a total planning area of ​​546 ha, this urban area aims to build resorts, new residential areas, resettlement areas for local people, anchoring areas – boat landing, tree grounds. green, amusement park – entertainment.

T&T Group also proposed the idea of ​​two plans: 1/2000 area planning of Ham Rong – Nui Do area in the western green belt of Thanh Hoa city and detailed planning of 1/500 new urban area. Thanh Hoa City. With two ideas, T&T Group wants to build green urban areas associated with history and tourism activities.

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