Solution of drilling, cutting, screw fastening for underwater works

Traditional method of drilling, cutting, screw drivers

According to the traditional method, when it is necessary to drill holes, screws or cutting in underwater works, the workers always need hydraulic machines, pneumatic machines, or underwater welding machines to cut. material.

These machines often have a very high cost of shopping, hundreds of millions of dong, not only including machines but also including accessories, cumbersome operating ekip.

In order to work underwater, the workers need to be equipped with main equipment used underwater, accessories placed on the shore. Everything needs to be paired together exactly. Each stage requires personnel supervision, making the cost of using electrical equipment underwater will not be small.

These limitations will more or less affect labor productivity as well as work efficiency. Especially for construction contractors, the profit earned will be significantly reduced.

Optimal solution for underwater construction works

Understanding these limitations, Nemo Power Tools – USA has researched and invented a series of underwater portable power tools, full of features of terrestrial machines, even more powerful working ability. a lot of.

The company has been researching this product line for many years, until 2012 the first Nemo V1 underwater drilling machine was born. Initially only used in non-governmental organizations, the company began commercializing in 2014, providing the most comprehensive solution for underwater works.

Solution of drilling, cutting, screw fastening for underwater works - Photo 1.

Nemo company currently has underwater power tools such as drills, screwdrivers, bolt tighters, grinders, saws. You will be surprised to see kits for underwater works, they are extremely compact, only comes with the main body, battery pack, charger and pressure pump.

To this modern machine, you just need to charge the device on the shore. All accessories, installation or replacement of the parts of your device can be done underwater.

Surprisingly, each machine and accessory kit weighs no more than 3kg, you can fully work independently, without the need for a crew or a technique to operate the machine is so sublime.

Solution of drilling, cutting, screw fastening for underwater works - Photo 2.

Highlights of Nemo underwater power tools:

Usage: Each type of underwater drill or underwater screwdriver comes with a pressure pump, resist the resistance of water, adjust to the working depth.

Regarding the issue of battery charging: the machine will have a rechargeable battery pack, backup battery, you proceed to charge the battery like other hand-held drill on land. Relatively large battery capacity from 3Ah – 6Ah gives you relatively large continuous working time.

Regarding working depth: hydraulic or pneumatic water tools are dependent on the kit, so they can only work at a depth of 10 – 15m. With Nemo power tools can work at a maximum depth of up to 100m, very suitable for professional works.

Solution of drilling, cutting, screw fastening for underwater works - Photo 3.

Working ability: Nemo power tools have strong working ability, in freshwater, saltwater, onshore, under water environment.

Job application: Nemo has researched electrical tools to meet the requirements of repairing and installing underwater construction machinery such as geological exploration, hydroelectric works, naval works, fiber optic works, oil rigs, repair of anchors, ships, aquariums, installation of submarine machinery.

Investment and usage costs: You can work independently, do not need the accompanying accessories, so the usage is easier, not limited by accessories, so the cost is much more optimal.

Solution of drilling, cutting, screw fastening for underwater works - Photo 4.

THB Vietnam distributes power tools nationwide

THB Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company is proud to be the FIRST and EXCLUSIVE distributor of Nemo underwater power tools. We are committed to genuine products, full warranty policy, after sales, support users throughout the use process.

THB Vietnam has been with consumers for over 10 years, providing a full range of power tools such as drills, grinders, cutters, saws … We are committed to being a reputable, worthy buying address. with your beliefs.

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