Sluggish Business, Ivan Gunawan Still Gives THR to All Employees

-> – Ivan Gunawan’s boutique business alias Igun is certainly badly affected by the corona virus epidemic. Even so, before Idul Fitri, Igun still gives THR to the employees.

“Yes, if employees do not need to know the risks or ups and downs. What is important is that my employees, even though I am cautious not to return home, remain in the capital but they can still be Eid,” said Ivan Gunawan, when met in the Jalan area Captain P Tendean, South Jakarta, Friday (05/22/2020).

Even though her business is experiencing a crisis, Rossa’s ex-boyfriend makes sure his employees continue to receive full THR.

“Full, God willing, so from last week I already paid THR. Yesterday I worked on Tuesday, I already gave salary, so I don’t have debt,” explained Ivan Gunawan.

Initially Igun wanted to give a THR in December, but he felt there was something missing if the holiday allowance was not given before Lebaran.

“We had planning want to give THR in December. But after I thought about the name of fasting, Eid, if there is no THR it feels like that, “said Ivan Gunawan.

“Yes, this is actually a culture, right? THR was originally a culture. From our ancestors we have already gotten used to it,” added Ivan Gunawan.

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