Should Quy Nhon go self-sufficient or buy travel vouchers?

PacifyI see many people who sell travel vouchers at very reasonable prices, but are afraid of being cheated.

After Covid-19 was well controlled, I saw the government calling for “Vietnamese to travel to Vietnam”. My wife and I also responded to this call and planned to go to Quy Nhon in June. Currently, I see many sales customers offering very attractive travel vouchers, including round-trip air tickets and guests. 4-5 star hotel. I intend to buy for convenience. However, many people told me that it should be self-sufficient, that is, book a plane ticket, a hotel reservation will be more secure because you can buy a cheated voucher, or a higher ticket price set by yourself. This makes me wonder. Look forward to everyone’s advice, so which way is more reassuring?

Khánh Thảo

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