It is not in our power to order distances in front of the building, say schools without campus


The hygiene manual, which the Ministry of Education sent to schools at the beginning of May, also contains a passage in which it is said that schools should arrange two-meter spacings in front of the building and organize the movement of people.

However, the principals of some schools consider this impossible. These are mainly schools that do not have their own campus and are located right on the street. They cannot interfere in the public space, he claims.

For example, the chairwoman of the Association of High School Principals does not think that it is her responsibility to organize movement on the street in front of the school, where other people also go. She therefore asked the city police to cooperate in the entrance exams.

Spacing in public

Schools are generally divided into two types. Those who have their own campus that they can manage and those that don’t have one. The entrance of schools without their own land is located directly on the street of the city or village.

“The problem is that this is not our land. It is a public space and I do not think that we would be entitled to regulate movement in public space, “said Renata Schejbalová, chairwoman of AŘG and director of Gymnázia nad Šotolou, for

According to the director, the problem affects half of the grammar schools in Prague, where a large part of them do not have their own premises.

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Ivana Landsingerová, the director of the Jan Kepler Grammar School, agrees. “It simply came to our notice then. We intend to ask the city police if she would stand in front of the school. We will let the candidates in gradually, “he says. In addition to the powers, the schools do not have the staff capacity to do so, according to the principal.

“Mothers with prams pass through this public space, other students and normal people who go shopping or home go here,” says Landsinger. In addition, the school is in the immediate vicinity of a tram stop.

In addition, according to the principal, school staff cannot walk in front of the building and legitimize people in front of it because they belong together or not. The family does not apply to the measures.

Hundreds of people cannot be controlled

At the moment, only high school graduates go to high school, but soon the situation will worsen. Larger high schools expect several hundred applicants for this year’s entrance exams. This can be a problem for them.

“We don’t provide it now, because a couple of high school graduates come here, but during the entrance exams, more than five hundred children plus parents come here at once,” says Schejbalová. “It’s simply not possible to secure the gaps there,” he adds.

The school therefore asked the city police for help on the day of the entrance exams. “Since we are not competent to ensure order, I asked the police to cooperate,” explains the director, who still does not believe that she will be able to maintain such a gap.

A similar number, about four hundred children, is also expected only at the first term of admissions Gymnázium Budějovická. Such a number cannot be maintained with two-meter intervals.

“It is physically impossible in front of our school. We would have to arrange them in such a way that the queue will be over eight hundred meters long, “the director thinks. “Of course we will arrange it at school, but in front of the building I think it will be very difficult,” he adds.

The school has the advantage of having a smaller campus. However, there will be so many applicants that they can hardly all fit into it. “We can organize these people here in the park, but not anymore, because then there is a public sidewalk,” says the director of Gymnázia Budějovická. He expects the front to stretch outside the premises.

The management of the grammar school will also ask the police for cooperation. Unlike others, however, this is common due to the large number of applicants for receivers. “We will ask her if she would oversee the meeting and if she would not draw the attention of parents and children to the distances,” explains Bednářová.

Gradual arrival

According to the ministry, hygiene guidelines apply to all schools. If they do not have a complex, they can use alternative methods.

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“For example, the manual mentions the distribution of pupils’ arrival times. In practice, this will be reflected in a different time at the beginning of the educational activities of individual grades or groups of students. Another possibility is to organize the arrival of pupils directly on the spot in front of the entrance to their groups, which are then taken to the classes, “said the spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Aneta Lednová.

In addition to police cooperation, the schools will use, for example, gradual arrivals or shortening the queue by allowing some applicants to enter the lobby.

“We said they had a quarter of an hour to do it. We will open the school in a specific time window, during which the children should get inside and into the classrooms, “describes the director Landsingerová.

At the same time, grammar schools draw attention to the observance of hygienic measures in the sent invitations and on the website.


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