Hot sun, soft drinks sold out

As noted by reporters, many streets in Hanoi such as Tran Duy Hung, Huynh Thuc Khang, Thai Ha, Chua Boc, Le Duan, Kim Lien … the coconut water, mobile sugar cane spill over the sidewalk. Cane and coconut juice is bottled for easy carrying.

Ms. Thu Nga, selling sugarcane juice on Tran Duy Hung Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi said: “Yesterday, the peak sunshine, in one morning I turned out to sell 50 sugarcane. Sugar cane juice sold by cup: VND 10,000, per bottle of VND 15,000 / bottle.

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Mobile sugar juice shop on the sidewalk of Hanoi street is expensive and hot everyday

In addition to you on the spot, Ms. Nga’s sugar cane shop also ships to the required addresses with an amount of 10 cups or more. “At the store, most of the workers buy and drink and deliver goods mainly to employees in office buildings. This morning, it was not as hot as yesterday but still hot. One morning I ship 100 cups and sold 50 locally on the spot, ”Nga said.

According to Ms. Nga, due to the heat, many sugarcane deliveries did not make it in time, so sometimes there was no sugarcane to force customers. “I took a wholesale of VND 15,000 / cane, each tree squeezed out 3 cups. Subtracting expenses, each cup of sugarcane juice I earned 5,000 VND. Calculated every day if you sell 200 cups also a million profit so the hot sun is still trying to stand on the pavement and rotating sugarcane juice, “said Nga.

Mr. Minh Kha, selling coconut at a small alley in Le Duan street said that his coconut has 2 types, big fruits: 20,000 VND / fruit, small fruits: 15,000 VND / fruit. “My family sells rice but summer comes with coconut water. I sold all day but it was crowded in the evening because many people came back from work to buy it for their families. To keep up the coconut for guests, I cut into the bottle and scrape coconut into the box so that guests can take it without waiting. In addition, I also sell on social networks and delivered to customers in need, “Mr. Kha said.

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After 2 days, the coconut shop Mr. Kha must import more coconuts everywhere to sell to customers.

He added, only about 2 days today when the heat is high, the number of coconut available in his store has run out. So, in addition to the acquaintances he entered, the store had to mobilize coconuts from other merchants.

Mr. Van Co, working as a shipper, said yesterday he drove a coconut water ship all over the machine, without any break. Although specializing in coconut ship, but at midday sun, he only dared to drink iced tea to cool down because each cup of coconut water costs 20,000 VND, so he did not dare to drink.

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Shipper piles up coconut water ship for guests to office buildings.

In addition to sugarcane, coconut water, various types of fruit juices such as carrots, pineapple, guava … also spill the sidewalk in Hanoi with prices from: 10,000-20,000 VND / bottle, 20,000-30,000 VND / liter.

At the sidewalk of Chua Lang street, Bich Thu’s fruit juice bar is always expensive because of its cheap price and at the east of the university. According to Ms. Thu, the cost of squeezing out is as much as I can sell, I only sell 3 types of carrot, pineapple and guava juice to sell because it is not irritated when importing goods, and when sold, the juice is also fast. Her fruits are imported directly from wholesale establishments so the import price is not as expensive as the retail price in the market, each time about 2 sacks, if not sold, she can reserve up to a few days.

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Fruit juice is pre-packaged in bottles sold to guests.

“In the morning, when there are no guests, I take advantage of peeling the fruit and washing and then squeeze it. After pressing, I packed it into a 250ml bottle and then incubated the ice box with ice to cool. This amount of cooling I sell at noon when the sun heats up, ”Thu said.

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