For Wife Delivery, Ricky Perdana Prepares 3 Hospitals

-> – Pesinetron Ricky Perdana might reveal the happy news of his wife, Shinta Rizky Aulia alias Chacha Takya, who is 7 months pregnant, will soon give birth to her first child.

“There are only two more months left. God willing, early August (already giving birth),” said Ricky Perdana, when he was met at the Captain P Tandean Street, South Jakarta, Friday, (5/22/2020).

Ricky Perdana and wife, Chacha Takya [Instagram]
Ricky Perdana and wife, Chacha Takya [Instagram]

As a result of the corona virus outbreak, Ricky Perdana must ensure that the hospital is safe from the virus. The 39-year-old actor claimed to have chosen three cities at the same time for the delivery of his wife, including Bandung, Cianjur, and Jakarta.

However, if the corona virus is not finished until August 2020, then Chacha decides to give birth in Jakarta.

“So even if it’s still a long time (after the corona virus pandemic is finished) and right when I am born, maybe I will still be in Jakarta,” said Chacha Takya in the same place.

Ricky Perdana and wife. [Instagram/RickyPerdana06]
Ricky Perdana and wife. [Instagram/RickyPerdana06]

Ricky Perdana hopes that the corona virus outbreak will soon end in Indonesia. That way, soap opera star Hidayah this can choose which hospital is right for wife’s delivery.

“Because he saw the risk, he hoped that the pandemic would end soon so we could sure the hospital, “said Ricky Perdana hoping.

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