For 48,000 permanent home workers, Facebook adjusts wages based on the market price in which they live

Based on the cost of living where employees live, the pay reduction is a result of allowing 48,000 Facebook workers to work permanently at home. The company made this decision when most of its employees worked at home since March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On January 1, Facebook asked employees to provide a place to work and then began to adjust the salary accordingly. The company plans to pay new employees based on the market price in which they live.

Zuckerberg said: “That means if you live in a place where the cost of living is significantly lower or the labor cost is lower, then the salary tends to be a bit lower. But your quality of life is still good. than having to live in a big city. “

Facebook predicts that many employees will relocate or rent housing in cities with lower living costs than the area around San Francisco, where its headquarters are located, and in New York, where the company has a big mall. Both cities have sky-high housing prices or rents, forcing Facebook and other tech companies to make huge salaries.

In the atmosphere everyone wants to work from home, Facebook along with a number of other technology companies allow employees to work at home permanently like Twitter, Square, …

Facebook says it will enforce home-based policy primarily with honor code, but they can randomly check employee’s VPN addresses, the tool used for secure access. Secure remote company network to confirm location. Any employee caught lying will face serious consequences, as it can affect some of the company’s tax records, Zuckerberg said, adding. “You may be breaking the law.”

In the coming weeks, Facebook says it plans to internally issue a list of eligible locations to work from home permanently. But in general, this option is for experienced employees, has a high score in performance evaluation, for those who do not need to go to the office, and with the approval of superiors.

Hardware developers, some HR, sales, content reviewers or data technicians will not be eligible to work from home, as their job depends on exposure. with other employees in the office. Lower level staff will also have to work from the office like those in training.

Zuckerberg also said the company plans to expand recruitment according to this new teleworking plan. This includes opening new technical centers in Dallas, Atlanta and Denver. These are some locations that have enough space for engineers to hold face-to-face meetings, but not necessarily the entire company meeting.

Facebook’s teleworking plans may evolve over time as the company determines what works and what doesn’t. Zuckerberg said he hopes this plan will give employees more flexibility and that employees working at manufacturers produce better products, he doesn’t want to spend a lot of money in the process. That means the company will try to reduce costs for offices to have more money to support employees working from home.

Zuckerberg said: “No one is quite sure where this plan will go, but we will always move forward, learn something new and keep improving.”

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