Destroying chicken fowl in coffee fields

In order to avoid the police, the suspects invited each other to a hut on the hill in the coffee fields of the people to organize money-fighting chickens.

The hut on the coffee field, where the suspects held money to fight against chickens. Photo: G.B

After the monitoring time, at noon 23.5, Police H. Duc Trong (Lam Dong) in collaboration with Lien Hiep Commune Police (H. Duc Trong) caught 19 people who were organizing a chicken fight for money at a hut on the hill. , located in the coffee field of Mr. Ng.V.Tr. (56 years old, living in Lien Hiep commune).

The police agency detained 19 people, five stone chickens and more than 56 million dong seized on suspects. In addition, police seized 20 motorbikes.

This hut Mr. Tr. used to store gardening tools, the suspects went to fight for money, but Mr. Tr. did not know and was not present at the time the police caught the police.

Participants who kicked chicken with money were caught in the act. Photo: G.B
Exhibits at the chicken chicks eat money. Photo: G.B

At the police station, initially the suspects admitted that they had participated in fighting chicken money together. When the police caught it, the suspects had just finished match 1 and were comparing each other to continue.

According to Police H.Duc Trong, this chicken fighting site has just formed since the afternoon of 22.5. On the morning of May 23, after drinking coffee, the suspects invited each other into this gathering place to kick chickens to eat money, when the police caught it.

The place where the chicken fight was held was a hut on a hill in a coffee plantation

Police H.Duc Trong is continuing to investigate and verify the behavior of the participants in the fight for money to consolidate the legal documents.

Gia Binh (Thanh Nien Newspaper, May 23, 2020)


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