Civil war of the Barclay clan

In a video released by Frederick Barclay this week, one of David’s sons – Alistair Barclay – is said to have installed a wiretapping device at the Ritz Hotel for the purpose of recording conversations. An individual between Frederick and his daughter Amanda – who conducted negotiations to sell the long-standing hotel in a prime location, right next to this Buckingham palace. Frederick seemed to suspect that someone was eavesdropping on their conversations, so he asked the hotel security department to install a hidden camera to record the most realistic images.

The Barclay brothers, who for decades sought to avoid media attention by living on an island in the middle of the Manche Strait, are now a target. of the news hunters, appearing heavily in the major newspapers, and the reason comes from the latest developments related to the legal disputes that broke out during the talks to resell the Ritz Hotel.

The twins left the job behind and gave it to the next generation of Barclay successors, but Frederick’s lawyer told a court in London that three of David’s sons were deliberately deceiving their children. client’s girl – Amanda – was out of the game. This incident clearly shows the internal disagreements that occurred in one of the wealthiest families in the foggy land, the family that owns the famous Daily Telegraph and many other famous companies in the industry. publish.

“Unfortunately, this is a good example of a family business’s ‘self-destruction’ process,” says Irina Curbelo, co-founder of family business consulting firm Percheron Advisory. “The Barclays need to remember that up to 60% of the collapse of family businesses comes from the lack of open communication and mutual trust. If it is impossible to rebuild elements above, all companies, a large part of the family’s assets, and bonds issued by themselves will not fly. “

Barclay clan Civil War - Photo 1.

Billionaire brothers Frederick and David Barclay. Photo: AFP

Hefin Rees, a lawyer for Frederick and Amanda, told a hearing in a London court earlier this month that there was a dispute of interest among family members. By setting up the eavesdropping device, three of David’s sons can foresee “the plans of Frederick and Amanda, thereby building a business strategy around what they gain, including The legal advice they receive in this very sensitive time, when there are cracks in personal and market relationships, “the lawyer said.

“He was the one who foresaw the betrayal from his family members. He was also a father who had witnessed the harm done to his daughter by 3 cousins, “Rees said at the trial. “This is a sophisticated and organized spy operation.”

While the case has been brought to court in London since Frederick and Amanda have sued three of David’s sons – Alistair, Aidan and Howard, and Aidan’s son – Andrew, in January. Recently, the video recorded through the surveillance camera system gave them a great advantage.

Accordingly, Alistair, dressed in a Harvard sweater, was seen trying to find a location to attach the adapter, which was supposed to contain a wiretapping device. He leaned down and mounted the device next to a cream-colored chair, where Frederick regularly smoked cigars while discussing business with his daughter Amanda, who sat on a nearby floral-patterned sofa. . Alistair stared into the camera lens before moving closer and touching it.

The eavesdropping device recorded a total of 94 hours of recordings and 1,000 individual conversations over a period of several months, including conversations between Frederick and Amanda with lawyers. , trustees, bankers and businessmen, as well as rounds of talks with potential clients of the Ritz Hotel, in the words of a lawyer.

Family members disagree over the sale of this 5-star hotel, property bought by the Barclay twins in 1995 for around £ 75 million (92) million dollars).

When Alistair was said to have installed a wiretapping device in January, the two sides were independently conducting negotiations. Based on the recordings, three of David’s sons learned that Sidra Capital, based in Saudi Arabia, had offered £ 1.3 billion to buy guests. This hotel. And another deal is under discussion between Frederick, Amanda, and a Russian businessman, in the words of the lawyer.

The trio’s lawyer, Heather Rogers, said they accepted allegations that Frederick and Amanda’s conversations were taped without permission from the father and son. Several transcripts of the recordings were shared between three of their clients who did not give any written comment.

“This is a discord between family members, and with the point of view of an advocate, it is unfortunate that things have been exposed to the public, rather than being dealt with by the involved members. internally together, “she said during the hearing.

Representatives for Frederick and Amanda declined to comment. The representative of Ellerman Holdings Ltd., a UK-based property management company of the Barclay family, operated by Aidan and Howard Barclay, did not comment.

The mysterious businessman

The hearing this month also revealed that David’s sons hired Quest Global Ltd., a private detective company, based in London and Qatar, which supplies eavesdropping equipment to Alistair, in the words of Rees, Frederick’s lawyer. Quest asked the three brothers to pay themselves the amount of 405 hours to listen to and then transcribe the recordings, and these transcripts were then shared to all three, Rees said. know at the hearing.

Quest, which is run and has a stake in former London sheriff John Stevens, is the most famous company in the field of sports fraud investigations. The company is headquartered near the Ritz Hotel, and is also known as a unit with extensive experience in installing security cameras for buildings. Quest’s representative declined to comment.

In court, Rees said the tapes recorded conversations between Frederick, Amanda and a mysterious Russian businessman involved in an unnamed purchase. He said Quest made a report on the businessman last November, and was obviously prepared for Ellerman Holdings.

Pair of twin billionaires

The twin billionaire, 85 years old, is the most self-contained billionaire in the UK. They own a property located on a small island off the southern coast of the foggy country.

Born into a family with Scottish parents, but the brothers grew up in the west of London, and their house is located close to a train track, where the sound from this vehicle makes let the windows of the house tremble. After finishing their studies at age 16, the two brothers were accepted into the accounting office of General Electric Co., according to The Twin Enigma, a book written by Vivienne Lewin in 2016.

In the 1960s, they renovated old inns together, turning them into hotels. They then expanded into drinks and casino. This was the starting point of the Barclay empire. They invest in shipping company Yodel and online retailer The Very Group.

Frederick is in the process of divorcing with his separated wife, Hiroko Barclay. A judge, who helped solve the case, set limits on the information that the media published. However, this event also revealed a number of establishments assessing certain financial situation of the Barclay family if they want to list the company on the stock exchange.

Ritz hotel deal

The litigation shows that the conflict in the Barclay family broke out even before the parties filed a lawsuit, as well as how the new owner of the Ritz hotel acquired one of the valuable assets. most of this family.

Aidan and Howard Barclay replaced Amanda and one of her associates for executive roles at the companies that owned the Ritz Hotel just a week before Alistair Barclay was caught installing a eavesdropping device. The brothers reached an agreement with Abdulhadi Mana Al-Hajri, a Qatari businessman in March, when he agreed to sell the hotel for £ 800 million, something Frederick and Amanda could only discover. through articles, even though Amanda is holding a 25% stake in the hotel.

“We were surprised by the announcement that the Ritz Hotel was sold,” a spokesperson for Frederick said at the time. “They didn’t consult us and we didn’t approve of the deal.”

Al-Hajri, 40, is the brother-in-law of the prince of Qatar, who is also a smart person in the media. In addition to the Ritz Hotel, he owns other properties including the largest home in Turkey and a mansion in Miami, US, worth $ 50 million, according to local media.

Desmond Browne, another lawyer from Frederick and Amanda, made summaries of the conflicting situation of the Barclay family before the court earlier this year.

“Tolstoy once said” every disagreeable family has its own problems. Here, the children of Mr. Frederick and Mr. David are having disagreements, affecting the trust between family members. Sadly, brothers and sisters, they are at odds with their own cousins, “he said.

Barclay Civil War - Photo 2.

Amanda Barclay. Photo: Shutterstock


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