Because of this photo, Raffi Ahmad easily got a visa to the United States

-> – Raffi Ahmad uploaded a photo while shaking hands with Former US President Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton on Instagram.

In the photo, Raffi Ahmad looks so happy shaking hands with the 72-year-old woman.

Raffi Ahmad shakes hands with Hilary Clinton. [Instagram]
Raffi Ahmad shakes hands with Hilary Clinton. [Instagram]

While beside Raffi, Olga Syahputra was seen capturing the moment with his cellphone. There, Juter saw a number of MNC Group anchors and bosses, Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

“Never shake hands with @hillaryclinton,” wrote Raffi Ahmad in the photo caption section.

Nagita Slavina’s husband claimed that because of the photo he easily got a visa to go to the United States.

“Because of seeing this photo, I immediately approve the USA visa. Hehehe,” continued Raffi Ahmad.

Some citizens immediately commented on the photo. No exception to Gading Marten.

“No, English directly. Then what about yesterday?” commented Gading Marten.

There were also citizens who were wrongly focused on seeing the late Olga Syahputra who was busy taking photos of Hillry Clinton.

“There is the late Olga,” said the @bangidhoe account.

“Salfok and the late Olga,“replied the @rakka_lynka account.

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