Aziz Stuttering Reason to Return to the World of Entertainment

-> – Comedian Aziz Stuttering had decided to quit the world of entertainment and shocked citizens. At that time, the 46-year-old comedian claimed he wanted to focus on managing his boarding school in the Leuwiliang area, Bogor, West Java.

But not too long ago, Aziz Stuttering reappeared on the glass screen. Opera Van Java (OVJ) comedy star argues that his reason for returning to appear as a comedian is because he appreciates the job offer that came to him.

Aziz Stuttering relaxing in his rice field. [Instagram]
Aziz Stuttering relaxing in his rice field. [Instagram]

“Yesterday, I wanted to take (a job offer), one calculation is that many people do not work in this condition. Well, ‘yes yes I have work to do, why don’t I take it too’,” said Aziz Stuttering, in the Sahur program Seger that aired Trans 7, recently.

Aziz Stuttered to accept a job offer because he needed money. In addition to his livelihood, also to buy groceries to be distributed to people in need.

“Maybe this is the way from Allah for Aziz to help the brothers who are currently unemployed. And Aziz has said to the family, ‘I want to work again but the honor I want to buy groceries for our brothers.’ They said they were sincere, I have walked, “explained Aziz Stuttering.

Aziz Stuttering claimed to have distributed 250 food packages to people in need. It is planned that he will increase the number of packages again. Today, Aziz feels calmer after daring to help people who are struggling due to the effects of the corona virus.

“When talking calmly it is calm in the hut, but when we see friends, so Aziz thinks. ‘Is it possible that God told me to work again’, yes even though not much but at least the rest of life can still help for others,” said Aziz Stuttering .

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