Ahead of Childbirth, Ricky’s Prime Wives Have Special Requests


Suara.com – Ricky Perdana’s wife, Chacha Takya will give birth in August 2020, in about two months. Ahead of labor, Chacha apparently had a special request.

“The first is that if it is (handled) by a male doctor he (Chacha) is rather uncomfortable. Secondly, we see the hospital as well,” said Ricky Perdana, when met in the Captain P Tandean Street area, South Jakarta, Friday, (22 / 5/2020).

Ricky Perdana and wife, Chacha Takya [Instagram]
Ricky Perdana and wife, Chacha Takya [Instagram]

Soap star 3 Sempruuul Chasing Heaven this explains the reason for choosing the right hospital. Ricky Perdana does not want his wife and baby exposed to the corona virus.

“If the hospital is indeed a good SOP, I am brave. But if it is mixed with those who receive co-19 patients, I am not brave,” explained Ricky Perdana.

Even so, at this time Ricky Perdana was reluctant to think about it. Because, to just get the hospital to consult about the content of the Chacha, the Palembang-born man admitted that it was difficult to find it.

“At the moment many doctors are closed and they don’t practice. So they want to communicate only for consultation on pregnancy, he said ‘later yes sir, after Lebaran’ like that. Yes it’s difficult, “said Ricky Perdana.

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